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Project EVA

The conversational AI platform for Space

Offering new ways to interact with the space science portals

What is EVA?

We are developing the EVA (ESA Virtual Assistants) platform, capable to define, build, train and deploy customized AI agents able to process natural language and able to automate tasks in SCI portals.


Communication between people and computers by text and voice at ease


Interpret everyday language and hold a meaningful multilingual conversation at any time or any place, and on any smart device

Credit image: Bing Digital


Enables chatbots to understand user’s intents/goals despite spelling and orthographic mistakes

Meet our Virtual Assistant EVA

EVA for Cosmos

Information access and tools support with ease

--> quick information and documentation access

--> real-time support with minimal effort (no searching manuals, no forums, no helpdesk issues)

--> improve daily tasks for mission administrators and editors


A new generation helpdesk engineer​

--> instant answer to the FAQ ​ real-time

--> helpdesk support with minimal effort (no searching manuals, no forums, no helpdesk issues)​

--> the most accurate search engine

EVA for ESASky

Nobody will get lost in space with a virtual star reading expert​

--> easy navigation in the sky

--> interactive education and quick access to the information​

--> ESASky available to an even wider audience

About us

EVA platform services are provided by SITU, the Science and Operations IT Unit of the ESA’s Science and Operations Department, Directorate of Science.

EVA project aims to take new technologies and advanced researches in the field of AI to improve day to day activities for ESA missions through

the provision of state-of-art Virtual Agents.

EVA virtual assistants

European Space Agency